This MM2H Online Assessment is for applicants who wish to engage Joy-Stay (MM2H) Sdn Bhd as their MM2H Agent.  

  • This assessment acts as a pre-screening. Our commitment to act as your MM2H Agent shall be based on the actual documents you submit to us.

  • Privacy note: All personal documents submitted to us shall be treated as strictly confidential; we will disclose your information to the Ministry of Tourism & Immigration Department for your MM2H application purposes only.

  • We are bound by the full refund policy therefore we will let you know up front if  you are not eligible to apply for the MM2H status. 

  • After submitting the following form, please include our email address: in your email account in order to receive our reply accordingly.
  • Please declare your financial status in your currencies e.g.: USD, GBP, AUD, CAD (Please DO NOT use symbol such as $ for currency), we need to assess your financial qualification based on the actual currency in your financial documents. 

Malaysia My Second Home - MM2H Online Assessment



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OCCUPATION & Work Location (Country) :
Are you retired ?  :
State your marital status clearly     (Married/Separated/Divorced/Single) :
State number & age of your children you wish to include in your application:
State your available Cash-in-Bank/Cash Assets:
(Must be able to show proof of this amount in 3 latest bank statements at the submission stage) 
For example: USD 700,000 in bank.
NOTE:  This Assessment is only meant for pre-screening purpose only; we do not commit to be your MM2H Agent until we receive all required documents via emails for our thorough review & confirmation.   
REMINDER: If you do not receive our reply after 3 working days, please email us at Kindly make sure our email address is in your email account safe contact list. 
State your reasons to join the MM2H :
 Please answer all the above questions clearly before clicking the SUBMIT button.
For items 11, 12 & 13
please use the currency abbreviations below out :

AED  = UAE Dirhams
AUD = Australia Dollars
BDT = Bangladeshi Taka
CAD = Canada Dollars
CHF = Swiss Francs
CNY =China Yuan
EGP = Egyptian Pound  
GBP = U.K. Pounds
HKD = Hong Kong Dollar
IDR  = Indonesia Rupiahs
INR  = India Rupees
IRR  = Iran Rials
JPY  = Japan Yen
KRW = South Korea Won
NZD = New Zealand
OMR = Omani Rial
PKR = Pakistan Rupees
RMB =China Renminbi
SAR = S. Arabia Riyals
SEK  = Sweden Kronor
SGD = Singapore Dollars
THB  = Thailand Baht
TTD  = Trinidad & Tobago 
TWD = Taiwan Dollars
USD = U.S.Dollars
ZAR = S. Africa Rand
State your intent to join MM2H as Single or     with spouse and / or with children :
State the SOURCE & amount of monthly income :
(Salary / rental / pension / bank interests etc.)
For example: monthly salary = USD4,000;
Bank Interest @5% p.a. = USD2,500 per month 
State your Non-Cash Assets 
(Shares, ownership of properties, etc.)
For example:  USD 300,000 in shares, 
USD 500,000 in property
Are you willing to place the Fixed Deposit of MYR150,000 (for age 50 & above) OR MYR300,000 (for age below 50)  ?   
NOTE: If you wish to live in Sarawak and Sabah, 
you cannot apply here. 
Please state clearly which part of Malaysia you intend to live with your MM2H visa:- 
a)West Malaysia  b)Sabah  c)Sarawak 
Do you intend to engage Joy-Stay as your MM2H Agent ? 
Have you ever been to Malaysia?  If yes, when was the last time you entered Malaysia ?       Please specify the type of visa issued to you. 
For example: Work Permit , Spouse Programme, Special Pass, Social Visit Pass.
Should you have any Comments or Enquiries, kindly state your specific questions here :
Please re-enter your email address :
Please DO NOT submit this Online Assessment if you wish to :
  • to apply Directly with the Ministry. 
  • to apply for Work Permit / Business Visa in Malaysia.
  • to live in Sabah & Sarawak under the MM2H Programme. 
We will not reply to those who have the above intention(s).
Last updated: 15 February, 2019
Please state clearly what is the nature of your work? 
If retired, please state the nature of your last employment?