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The MM2H Conditional Approval Letter is issued by the Immigration of Malaysia that approves your application for MM2H Ten-Year Social Visit Pass with Multiple Entry Visa (MEV) subjected to the following terms and conditions: ( It is very important for you to understand and agree to abide by these terms & conditions set by our government before you appoint Joy-Stay to act as your Sponsor because we only want you to join this programme if you accept all the rules and regulations set by the relevant authorities.)  

  • Any form of employment is strictly prohibited. Qualified MM2H participants age 50 & above in the critical sectors can apply to work 20hr/week with Special Work Permit.

  • Applicant may apply with the Ministry of Tourism to withdraw up to MYR50K or MYR150K (whichever is relevant to you) after a period of one (1) year from date of issuance of MM2H visa for expenses relating to house purchase, education for children in Malaysia and medical purposes. The amount of withdrawal is only allowed with written approval from the Minister of Tourism Malaysia. A minimum balance of Fixed Deposit of MYR100K & MYR150K for above 50 and below 50 respectively must be maintained from the second year onwards and throughout the duration of participation under MM2H programme including when applying for extension.(Effective from 1 April 2009)

  • You are not allowed to participate in activities that are sensitive to local people, politics, missionary and activities that are provocative, instigative in nature that could be a threat to the security of the country;

  • The duration of MM2H-10-Year-Social Visit Pass with Multiple Entry Visa (MEV) will be granted according to the validity of the applicant’s passport. (For instance, if you were to obtain the MM2H visa on 01 Jan 2010 and your passport was valid until 31 Dec 2016, you would have been given the MM2H visa until 30 November 2016 (one month prior to the passport’s expiration). Upon renewal of your passport, you may then extend your MM2H visa up to 31 Dec 2020 accordingly.)  

  • Approved Children must obtain the MM2H visa before their 21st birth day. MM2H Visas will be issued up to children's 21st birth day and subject to the validity of the passports.

  • The applicant is given a period of six (6) months from the date shown in this Conditional Approval Letter to obtain the MM2H-10-Year-Social Visit Pass with Multiple Entry Visa (MEV) from the Immigration Department and this letter is NOT RENEWABLE. (In other words, upon expiration in 6 months, you will need to file for a new application accordingly if you are still interested to participate in this MM2H Programme.) 

You (and your family, if applicable) must be present in person with your passport(s) during the collection of the MM2H Visa within the 6-month period stated above. The MM2H Visa will then be issued by the Immigration of Malaysia upon receipt of the documents and full settlement of fees as stated below: 

  • Social Visit Pass Fee (MYR90.00 x 10 years per person). 
  • MEV (Multiple Entry Visa) ( As stated by the Immigration Department). 
  • Journey Performed Visa (As stated by the Immigration Department) MYR500 to 550 per person. 
  • Letter of Good Conduct From Police Department (Country of Origin or Domicile).
  • Original Fixed Deposit Certificates (if applicable, either MYR150K or MYR300K).
  • Original Bank Lien Letter for the above Fixed Deposit. 
  • MM2H RBii Medical Report.
  • Health / Medical Insurance Policy (must be applicable in Malaysia)or Letter of Decline from Insurance Company
What is the MM2H Conditional Approval Letter (MCAL)



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