Joy-Stay 's Checklist for New MM2H Application
Documents to be Submitted to Joy-Stay (MM2H) S/B
50 & above
MM2H Agent Appointment Agreement  - sign on all pages appointing Joy-Stay (MM2H) S/B as your Agent. (Please contact us directly to obtain this Agreement Form)
Cover letter signed by the applicant giving details as below :
Personal contact details (address, tele. & email address) 
Personal background and indicate your intention to join MM2H
program (ie: to retire, for children's education, to travel, to buy     property etc)
With whom you wish to come ( single or with family)
Explain how you will support your stay in Malaysia indicating 
your financial capabilities
Indicate which financial criteria you want to use : 
For Below 50 :– 
Show over MYR500K cash-in-bank 
AND show over MYR10K monthly income 
AND agree to place MYR300K FD in M'sia 
For 50 & above :-
Below 50 - Only Monthly Salary is acceptable.
50 & Above - IF retired, can submit income from various sources. 

Five (5passport-sized coloured photos per person; 3.5x5cm; BLUE Background; No Selfie-Photos; Less than 6 months old. 

Certified True Copy for Passport Photo & Particulars Pages.

Copies of Passport Stamped Pages.

NOTE: Please make copies on A4-sized papers. 
Certified copy of Marriage Certificate (for all applicants who are married whether they apply the MM2H with spouses or not).
Certified copies of Birth Certificates or Legal Documents for children/ adopted children / step children ).
Original or Certified colour copies of latest 3 months income statements: salary slip, pension, tenancy agreement with rental receipts & deposits into bank account, interests earned or any financial documents showing equivalent to more than MYR10K monthly income received.  
Original or Certified colour copies of latest 3 months bank statements showing each month balance of cash equivalent to greater than MYR500K (for age below 50) or MYR350 (for age 50 & above) ; (Only Main Applicant's individual accounts OR joint-accounts with legal spouse are acceptable.)
Certified copies of latest official Income tax return /Notice of Assessment. (if applicable).


  • All required documents must be in the English Language; if not, Please engage Sworn/Authorized Translators to prepare the Certified English Translations. (Certified Translations must be attached with original documents or CTC’s of original documents.)

  • FOR ORIGINAL LGC WHICH IS NOT IN ENGLISH: English Translation of LGC must be duly certified by both the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & the Malaysian Embassy.  (The above certified translation must be attached with the original LGC.)

  • All pages of the copied documents must be of quality coloured print outs and duly CERTIFIED TRUE COPIES by Embassy / High Commission / Notary Public / Government Official / Solicitor / Advocate / Auditor from origin country /Relevant Issuing Authorities (Banks/Employer etc). Please include the official seal/stamp, signature, date and the “Certified True Copy” or similar stamp. (Please attach with Business Name Card of the person who certifies the documents).

  • The Authorities do not accept any documents that are being blanked out with liquid paper or any other methods; certified documents should not be altered or changed in any way in comparison to the original documents.  

  • Applicants must scan and email us all required documents whichever relevant for our final review prior to delivery the documents to us. We are not responsible for documents delivered to us which are incomplete and without our confirmation that they are sufficient for the MM2H application.  

  • Applicants who deliver incomplete documents to us and need us to return them should bear all cost of postage and service for return delivery.

  • When making copies, please do not reduce the sizes from the original documents.

  • Under no circumstances, will any documents, already submitted to the relevant authorities, be returned.

  • The financial requirements stated in our checklist are the minimum figures, we recommend applicants to submit higher amount if possible.

  • Please address your Cover Letter :
            Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) Centre
            Ministry of Tourism Malaysia
            Level 1, No. 2, Menara 1, Jalan P5/6, Presint 5
            62200 PUTRAJAYA, MALAYSIA

MM2H Application Form(s).

We aim to submit your MM2H application without having to go back to you for more documents; however you have to understand that sometimes the Ministry does require additional documents for very special cases. 

Joy-Stay's list of Required Documents is very detailed because we attempt to list out all the information collected from our past experiences in the MM2H submission process.

If you have any other questions, please submit via our  MM2H Online Assessment 
and we will reply you accordingly. 



Show over MYR350K cash-in-bank 
AND show over MYR10K monthly income 
AND select one option below:
Agree to place MYR150K FD in M'sia 
Last updated: 30 March, 2019

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NEW Forms to be generated after the above documents are complete.

Letter of Employment stating your position, salary and duration of employment (If you use Salary as Monthly Income).

A copy of Resume/CV by the main applicant which include the following information : Academic Qualification , Working Experiences , Skills or Expertise acquired 

Original Letter of Good Conduct from Police Department (Country of Origin or Residence).

Self declaration on your/dependents health conditions
 (New RB I Form )

Bank Authorization Letter from applicant to MM2H Centre to 
verify the financial documents with the relevant institutions.

Letter of Confirmation from Medical Specialist /General Practitioner (if accompanied by disabled children above 21-yr old).
Statutory Declaration by applicant to bear all expenses and financial requirements for dependents (if applicable).

Job and Salary Verification Authorization for the officers at the MM2H Centre to verify job & salary with employer. (if applicable).

Note: The above Checklist is for guidance only. We will provide a detailed MM2H Checklist & Guidance for our clients after they submit via our MM2H Online Assessment.