You have to select a company which is licensed by the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia especially designed to serve the MM2H applicants.
We provide you the following general guidelines to choose the MM2H agent / sponsor according to your needs : 
In order to save the "middle-man" cost, you should go directly to the MM2H Licensed Agent Companies. The names of all MM2H licensed companies must bear the sign "(MM2H) Sdn Bhd" in their company names; i.e.: Joy-Stay (MM2H) Sdn Bhd. 
The person-in-charge of your selected MM2H company must be able to communicate well with you and to convey the correct message to you; Some companies have personnel who speak certain foreign languages in order to serve their clients more effectively and efficiently.
Licensed MM2H Agents are required to provide an agreement detailing the fees and scope of services for applicant to sign. Please go through the agreement carefully before you engage the MM2H agent; this is to safeguard your interests because once you appoint an agent it will be difficult to change your agent unless you intend to waive the down payment already paid to the agent.
Before you engage a MM2H agent, it is very important to request the agent to provide the fees payable to all relevant parties as below:
You should engage MM2H Agent who can provide clear explanation of the MM2H requirements & charges involved in the MM2H application.
Some agents might not be able to provide all the additional services that you required; but they should be able to guide or direct you to those who specialized in the designated fields to assist you according to your needs.   
Please bear in mind that hidden charges can come in many ways, apart from paying the agent, you are advised to obtain the other fee charges in writing prior to engaging or appointing your MM2H agent. It will be costly and time consuming for you to change your agent after you have delivered the documents for submission purposes.
If you are well traveled and are able to arrange for your own accommodation and transportation, there is no need for you to select a agent who charges for these arrangements.
It is strongly advisable to select an agent who do not include the visa fee chargeable by the Immigration Department unless your passport is valid for 10 years; this is due to that fact that if your agent's company ceases its operation in the future,  it will be quite difficult for you to request for the refunds in the future.
There are about 200+  MM2H companies licensed by the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia, however not all companies are active. It is advisable to check around and compare their fees and scope of services provided accordingly.
If you select an agent who charges high non-refundable processing fee, you should have the confidence that the sponsor will obtain the MM2H approval for you.  
In reality, some agents are very well experienced in this Programme and some are quite new, the time spent during the application process actually depends on the experience of the MM2H agents; not able to compile the documents required by the Ministry is a key factor affecting the time spent. Thus, selecting a competent MM2H agent who reviews the required documents thoroughly and carefully prior to the MM2H submission is a very important step.

MM2H Agent Fee;
Non-Refundable Processing Fee (if your application is being rejected);
the Mode of Payment of Fees, i.e.: Down payment and payments due at completion of different stages;
Deposit for Personal Bond Fee ;
Medical Check-up Fee;
Medical Insurance Premium & Coverage;
Foreign Exchange rates (if you intend to bring in cash for the FD, the rate fluctuates but some money changers offer much better rate compared to others and it will save you thousands in RM );
Immigration Fee charges (should be payable directly to Immigration Departments);
the transportation and accommodation arrangement;
the location of agent’s office (this is relatively important to select an agent whom you can contact when you are in Malaysia especially those who have no acquaintance in this country, your agent will be the first local you will meet in this country and he/ she could provide you with useful information for you to settle down in Malaysia);
You need to decide whether you will reside in West Malaysia, Sabah or Sarawak; this is important because the visas obtained in West Malaysia is not valid for long-stay in Sarawak ; those who wish to live in Sarawak will need to apply for SMM2H from the Ministry of Urban Development & Tourism in Kuching, Sarawak;

Guidelines on How to Select a MM2H Agent
Additional Services required such as:
  • to bring along your parents
  • to bring in foreign maid
  • to import your car
  • to apply for your children’s student permits 
  • to rent or purchase a property  
We hereby wish you all the best in choosing the suitable and competent MM2H Agent for a successful MM2H application; We believe that there are many factors involved when it comes to appointing a MM2H agent and our purpose here is to highlight some points that we think are vital for your consideration.

If you have any other questions, please submit via our  MM2H Online Assessment 
and we will reply you accordingly. 




Last updated: 27 January, 2019

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Lastly, we only advise applicants to submit directly to the Ministry if the applicants live in KL in long term basis because they need to spend time re-visiting the Ministry office before they can provide all the required documents.